Reaching my dreams

2941_historia_mis-suenos2 My name is Fabiola, I am 19 and live with my parents Emilio and Elsa, and my siblings José, Arminda and Fabian. This year is very special for me because I finished High school and I will study in a Gastronomy school near my home.  I believe this is the result of years of effort and knowledge earned in the Project Un Nuevo Caminar.

I’ve attended Un Nuevo Caminar Project for around 10 years,  participated in the Youth Club activities. I learned, for example, the importance for fulfill my dreams and chase my best opportunities to achieve something. One of them: become a professional chef and make my dream come true.

I am really thankful with Childfund and my sponsor Timothy, I have received a lot of support to reach my dream. With their advices and donations I had the chance to buy school material, and their letter encouraged me never to surrender.

The Project was an important part of my life. After school, I used to go to the Youth Club and participate in lots of activities about leadership, violence prevention or micro projects to improve solutions for my neighborhood with other boys and girls. That was a moment to share our experiences too.

I also had the chance to travel to other cities; I was chosen to represent my project in the National Clubs Meetings and gather with other Club members from Bolivia. There are so many good memories with my friends. I am very thankful for all those to ChildFund.



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