Bolivia is in the middle of the rainy season. Santa Cruz is especially aware of it because it is mosquito season, diseases such as Dengue fever, Chikungunya and Zika increases.

“Last August ChildFund Bolivia organized a workshop about the Zika virus, with medical experts from the World Health Organization, the Pan-American Health Organization and the Health Ministry” tells Dr. Jaime Severich, the current Villa Alegre Project’s coordinator. “Our staff members, youth leaders and mothers attended the Workshop. We also invited medical staff from our neighborhood health centers. During two days we learned about the mosquito and its illnesses.”


Now it is time to inform our community and teach them about the importance of how to be prepared. The Villa Alegre local partner participated in different community fairs. “We talked about the symptoms, what to do and how to behave if somebody has a fever”, tells Dr. Severich. “We also warned families about the importance of having a clean house, to prevent more mosquito breeding.”


Noel Kempff Health Center fair

This health center prepared a fair on September 20th. Villa Alegre’s youth leaders prepared a stand to educate and explain about the theme. Around 300 community members attended.

Campeche Oral Health Fair

The Villa Alegre local partner also organized its own health fairs, one in the Campeche neighborhood on November 17th. Campeche is a distant community with easy access issues, especially in rainy season because roads are flooded as are the houses. Around 130 community members attended the fair to learn about dental care and also to hear about the Zika problem and how to manage hygiene at home.

Villa Alegre Oral Health Fair

The same fair is organized in Villa Alegre’s main community center. On October 15th Villa Alegre’s health staff prepared a stand with Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya information. Around 150 family and community members attended this fair and learned more about the problem.


“As soon as the rainy season begins, the problem with mosquitoes begins also” reminds Dr. Severich, “then, it is vital to prevent new mosquitos’ breeding grounds in any place: backyards, ditches, pots… This education process is very important to help the community.”


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