Understanding Yolanda’s problem

Yolanda is 9, she lives with her parents and brothers in Kara Kara. The Municipality garbage landfill is located near her neighborhood and the family house does not have basic services. Her mother takes care of their children at home. She speaks Quechua and can barely speak Spanish. Her dad works with the Municipality and sees the family only at night.

foto PAP

Yolanda had troubles at schools, “my teachers were always mad about me, because I couldn’t read fast or understand the readings”, her mom wasn’t able to help her and Yolanda was feeling more desperate every year. She became a shy and quiet girl at the school.

ChildFund staff identified her problem and invited her to attend extra support classes at the Project “Obispo Anaya”. Yolanda began working with short reading exercises, practicing her memory and comprehension. The family had the chance to talk with her teacher and explain her about the new classes and exercises; she agreed and promised to help Yolanda too. Three times a week Yolanda attend the Project to practice and read with other kids.

Eight months later, Yolanda feels self-confident. “I can read and understand larger readings now”, tells us smiling. Her teacher also feels grateful, “The Project support is important for Yolanda, I feel this is a sort of help for me too.”


Yolanda’s family can evidence positive changes too, José, her older brother tells us “Yolanda used to ask my help for every exercise and homework. Today she can do her homework by herself. My mom also is happier with all of us.”

“I couldn’t finish primary school,” tells us Yolanda’s mom. “My family hadn’t wnough money and we left school. I felt so sad because I couldn’t help Yolanda with her homework.” Says very regretful, “I would like her to finish School. With the Program support she can make it, I want my other children attend it too.”


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