I feel safer and happier now

My name is Elmer, I am 10 and I have four best friends in my Project. We do a lot of things every day, such as playing football or going to the Children’s Club in our neighborhood.

clubes 1

At the beginning it was different. I was shy and my older sister used to take me to the Club. We ride a public bus because it is a bit far, although I was afraid of the other kids, I didn’t know them and maybe they would make jokes about me. That’s why I was always just next to my sister. One day the Club was working with photography cameras and they invited me to use one and learn about it.

They told us to make groups and take pictures in our neighborhood. Our group realized we don’t have water service, public lights and at night it is dangerous to walk alone. That’s how I met my friends.

Together we also learned about Leadership and team work. Now I realize the Children’s Club is a funy place to go after school.

clubes 2

This week we started the ECC activities (Education and communication’s corner). They have great games, I am learning about drawing and writing.

Now it is not necessary to ask my sister to go with me to the Project. My four friends and I gather at the bus stop and attend the Club together.


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