Beimar, learnig to overcome

Beimar is 18 now and every time you see him he is smiling. You may think Beimar’s life is quiet and happy but you might be surprised to learn about all the challenges he has overcome to become strong.

Beimar lives with his parents, Víctor (43) and  Lupe (42). A few years ago Victor was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Everybody in the family was alarmed with the news. Fortunately, doctors removed the the tumor successfully. “I was very happy,” says Beimar, “to enjoy my father’s company and advice for many more years.” However, another struggle would soon shock the family. Last year Lupe was diagnosed with cancer. The family was alarmed again until the doctors slowed the disease’s progress and now Lupe attends radiotherapy sessions.

Beimar with his mom Lupe

Beimar with his mom Lupe

Fortunatelly, Beimar and his family found support and friendship in Hellen, Beimar’s New Zealand sponsor. Hellen accompanied the family during those difficult moments; she also supported him with some money for Beimar’s school material. “Her letters and advice made me feel better in bad moments. I knew I had the company of a friend.”

Beimar and friends, participating ChildFund leadership programs

Beimar and friends, participating in ChildFund leadership programs

The support and company of his friends is also important, Beimar discovered many friends while participating in the Tiquipaya Project activities, today he is leader in the Youth Club. “Now I have a Life Project!” he says, smiling, “I want to be an Electromechanical engineer”. This year he applied to the Public University with successful results. Now he attends the first semester and feels optimistic about his future.

All these struggles affected the family’s economy. Beymar helps his parents by selling hardware small parts at the market and his father works as a taxi driver. “Financial resources are always limited, but we support each other.” says Beimar.

 Despite his difficult circumstances, Beimar smiles when talking with us and his friends at the Proyect. “I’ve learned to give support to all who need it, like my sponsor did for me and my family. The world needs more caring people because it is easier to overcome with good friends next to us,” he says smiling again.


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