The community’s commitment saved a child

Sapahaqui is a rural municipality 3 hours far from La Paz. Our local partner “La Primavera” develops programs with families from 46 Communities. In April 2014, during a medical control with our doctors one of the Mothers Guides told us in a alarmed tone “We have a very sick baby, but she is not enrolled”. The girl’s name was Ingela, she had severe malnutrition and dehydration. Right away we talked with her mother Cristina, she has other 11 older children, four of them enrolled. Ingela was the youngest. Cristina was very depressed because of the critical situation of her then 6-month child. “There is nothing else to do” she said.

DSC01636The doctor’s diagnosis was clear, Ingela needed medical attention at the city because the community health center didn’t have enough equipment to help her, Cristina argued that she had a lack of money to go to the city or buy medicines, she was only giving her natural medicines and infusions. The decision was clear too, Mr. Mario Sanjinez, the Local Partner’s financing secretary arranged the way to take Ingela and her mother to a Hospital in El Alto city. The diagnosis: severe anemia, severe malnutrition, dehydration and pneumonia.

Mortality child rates in Bolivia due to diarrhea (16%) and respiratory infections (26%) are one of the main struggles in child population. In rural areas this numbers are higher, 39% of children suffer severe malnutrition before 5 years old according with UDAPE/PNUD (2010).

DSC00342After a month in the hospital, Ingela gained weight; she went from 4.350 gr. to 4.610 gr. The family received support from “La Primavera” Project during all the process in order to secure Ingela’s complete recovery.

This year the family remembers that episode just as a bad memory, Ingela is now 2 years old and visited the Early Childhood Development center with her mother for the medical control. Ingela’s weight is 9.800 gr. and increasing, within the normal rates for her age.  Cristina remembers “those days were too hard for us, I didn’t have enough milk for Ingela, or money to save her, I am very grateful with the Project and ChildFund for all the advices and support.” Now Ingela smiles and plays with her siblings. She is happy.



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