Mary Mar lives in La Paz perurban neigborhood

Mary Mar is 17 and this year has a big challenge. In 2014 she graduated from High School, her family was very proud during the Closing ceremony, most of all because Mary Mar was awarded as the best student of her class!

Mary Mar and her family came from La Paz rural province Omasuyos, in 2008 they settled in per urban neighborhood Cotahuma, where ChildFund local partner San José Las Lomas works. We had the chance to talk with Mary Mar about her success and plans for the future.

Which were your feelings after the ceremony?

It was a mixture of happiness and surprise. To hear my name as the best student of my school gives me a big responsibility facing my future.

Was it a surprise or you had a sort of idea this could happen?

It was a surprise! There were 5 students with great performance, two of them are my friends, Blanca and Yulisa, and we go together to “Las Lomas” and share many things.

What did your family told you that moment?

They were and are very proud. My aunts, uncles and cousins came to my house to congratulate me. They are happy for me because my cousins are also good students, they say this must be a family tradition.

What about your siblings?

I have 2 little brothers and a sister, we all go to the same school.

What are their opinions?

They are very excited too, share my joy and hope to follow my steps. By now they have good grades; the youngest is in 3rd grade and had a Diploma too. As my cousins said, the tradition still is in the family!

What plans do you have for the future?

DSC04325I want to go to college, keep learning. Otherwise this recognition means nothing. I also want to help in “Las Lomas”. I like technology and I would like to study something like that in the University. In the meantime, I will enroll a technical institute.

I am interested in Systems Engineering career because the world is following big steps into that field. Unfortunately the lack of money is always a problem, my parents give me all their support but I am aware that College studies cost a lot. I just hope God helps me by getting a scholarship of some sort of help.

Do you think you can apply an international scholarship?

At first I didn’t faced that chance because I want to have my family near. But if there is any chance to go beyond borders I wouldn’t refuse it. Technology is advanced in other countries

and I know my family would support me and feel happy. This is a new challenge and I am not afraid.

What is the best advice you can give your siblings, fiends, and class members?

Just keep striving, doing things every day with dedication and joy. Goals and dreams can be real.


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