It is 6 o’clock and Yeter is already awaken, despite is an early time he must wash his face, dress up, and help her mother on some house chores before going school. Yeter lives with his family in Quecoma Bajo, a rural community in Cochabamba, where ChildFund Bolivia works with one of their Local Partners: Mosoj Kausay.

It is 7 o’clock and Yeter starts walking. Yes, walking for about an hour and a half to go to his school, located in Quecoma Alto, 1 mile away. Other 45 children like Yeter also walk from their communities every day to the nearest school in the area.


It is 12 o’clock and it is time to return home, walking. Rural area in Bolivia where small communities are away and School centers must be located in those with a huge population. These children must suffer every day the sun light, wind and dust because they want to “improve their lives” as Yeter tells us.

“After school he is ready to go out again!” says his mother Maura, “This time to go oto the Center!” ‘The Center’ is the multifunction center build with the help of ChildFund Korea in Quecoma, Anzaldo and Matarani, rural communities in Cochabamba,  our Local Partner Mosoj Kausay develops afterschool educational support, communication corner program and sponsorship activities. “Yeter is very happy to go to the Center and talk with his teacher” says Maura, “He encourages him to keep going with studies.”

DSC03735 Some days in the afternoons, when Yeter is not at the Center, he helps at home with easy chores, like chopping wood accompanied by his dog, called Dragon, “I love learning new things with my teacher” says, talking about the ChildFund Center, “Those things will help me in the future. I want to study more. My older brother did not attend the school. I don’t know also if my other brothers want to study, but I want to.”

Yeter has his future clear in his mind. “I am going to study. I want to go to the city and be an engineer, someday I shall return to my community, people will see me and call me ‘El Inge’ as a kind name”. In Bolivia’s rural area it is not that common for children and teens to search for high studies outside their communities, that difference in Yeter wishes makes him a valuable member of his family and his community.


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