Youth Visit National ChildFund Office in Bolivia

By Ana Vacas (Youth specialist)

Speaking in a foreign language is not always easy. Many people have a hard time trying to pronounce the word ´ChildFund´ and others who can pronounce it are too shy to show it. To many children and youth ChildFund is just a strange word they hear now and then, some even said they thought it was a Chinese word. Our British volunteers, Penelope and Aleja, thought it would be a good idea for the youth to visit the ChildFund offices to understand who, what and where ChildFund was.


More than 20 youth from the local partner, Niñas San Gabriel visited the ChildFund Bolivia national office last month. They were given a tour of the office, and were shown step by step what happens to their letter after they write it by the Sponsorship team. Afterwards, they were given an open Q&A session with ChildFund staff and were very curious about ChildFund’s work,  “What does the word ChildFund mean?”, “How do you find sponsors for us?” and “Who started ChildFund?” were some questions the youth asked. Children and teenagers were talkative during the visit and had the chance to talk for a while with each one of the National Office team.


Their first impression was the small size of the office; ´I imagined that ChildFund was a huge letter factory´ said 15-year-old Maria. ´Now I understand why my letter arrives to me open, ChildFund is making sure we are not put in danger´ said 18-year-old Laura. ´I think it´s interesting that everyone has to know English´ mentioned 15-year old Joseline.

foto visita ChildFund-2594

Due to the success of this visit, ChildFund Bolivia hopes to replicate these visits with other local partners in the coming year.


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