San José Las Lomas is one of the most committed local partners ChildFund Bolivia has in La Paz’s urban area. They work in Cotahuma area, located in the high hills where a splendid panorama view is offered to the visitors. San José Las Lomas develops ChildFund programs in the area where 543 enrolled children and their families are part of the community.


This Friday 12th the Local Partner closed this year activities with a public event. The day was sunny and it was perfect for the celebration. The neighbor’s basketball field was the place to join the community and present this year results.

IMG_4690 A group of children leaders explained their activities to the visitors, including their leadership learning modules, the handicrafts they do with sponsorship and education modules (Pic ID 27538-39). Mothers were also present explaining the improvements reached in the neighborhood, for example, the way they organized with local police department to have night police control, or the baking courses they performed in order to teach all mothers the way to have nutritive food but delicious, such as carrot’s cake or beetroot cookies, they also learned how to do cheap and home-made yogurt “our children can have now a healthy and nutritive food every day and it doesn’t cost to much” tells one of the guide mothers. Before eating this tasty dish children recommended all the people to wash their hands previously.


“You are an overcoming example, I am very proud of you” told them Dra. Mónica Zalles, the Local Partner’s board chair “I want to congratulate all of you for this year’s results”.

IMG_4706The second part of the celebration was a dance performance. Children, teenagers and their teachers showed us color and joy with folkloric and pop dances. The most applauded was the one performed by children under 5. This dance reached the 6th place in a contest where more than 80 schools attended. It was interesting to see how parents sewed their children costumes with recycled material, the result was amazing.

It was a joyful afternoon, where the neighborhood members shared experiences and the good results of 2014 year.


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