Approximately a year ago the organization Un Nuevo Caminar, ChildFund Bolivia’s Local Partner received great news, one of its sponsors’ Mr. Shannon, decided to fund a new dental office.  This new project was to benefit 475 enrolled children, their siblings and family from different neighborhoods in Cochabamba: Santa Ana, Linde, Molle Molle, Ciudad del Niño, Villa Por Venir, Villa Belen, Taquiña, Villa Candelaria, Jardin Taquiña y 1º de Mayo. In these numerous neighborhoods health access is difficult and expensive and families can’t afford to get private services in the city.


The project began on May, for first they looked for a proper space, started buying the equipment, material and furniture, later they had to think about hiring a dentist… Step by step the new dental office was much complete.  The total amount for this new office was 5,500 U$.


On November 5th 2014, Mr. Shannon visited the project. More than 60 people were happy to come and wanted to hug him and shake his hand. Children, parents, technicians’ smiles reflected all the thankfulness they feel. Mr. Shannon was also touched; “Some people are blessed by God, and it’s their duty to share this with others” he said when the new dental office was opened to the public.

Mrs. Mery, the Parents Committee president expressed to him how useful this new dental office will be for many people “This will be helpful for our children, God bless you!” were the words that express all the feelings the community felt that day. Children joke one with others “now you have to smile when you visit the Project!”



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