October 15th is international hand washing day. Many of us think this is a common day, It s not common for everyone.

In the rural community of Angostura (Bolivia) washing hands is a challenge, not only because of the will of its inhabitants but because of they lack access to a safe water source. This community is part of the Sapahaqui Municipality where the main economic activity is fruit production and animal husbandry. Their main water source is the Sapahaqui river used for irrigation and for cattle. If they need water for drinking, cooking or washing they use rain water or, if they are lucky, they get water from natural water shed.

DSC_0019 This year, October 15th was a special day for the people of Angostura. Many outside visitors arrived early in the morning, friends from ChildFund Korea, KOICA agency and ChildFund Bolivia came to inaugurate the new Water System, built to provide safe water to 50 homes with installations in every backyard and benefiting more than 250 people in the community.

ChildFund Bolivia is in the midterm of a 3 year-project to secure safe water access to more communities, with the support of KOICA and ChildFund Korea.

aDSC_0131 This might be the first step but not the only one. Education and awareness building must also be part of the process. That’s where Youth Leaders teach the community the proper use of water and hygiene practices. Fifteen students are organized to teach their friends at schools, their families at home and the rest of the people in the community.

This year many people in Angostura take this as a new beginning. The access to safe water is not only a dream, but a right.


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