Written by: Maribel Molina and Abraham Marca

Every mother loves her children among everything else, parents concern about giving them food, dressing, study and of course our time, it is their major priority.

“I met Mrs. Nora at our Project Moto Mendez and the difficulties she had to live, all of this to her children.” Tells us Maribel, sponsorship technician in Tarija. This is the story of Nora’s family.

She had to face a lot of difficulties: The lack of a permanent work, her husband’s alcohol problems, violence and danger situations in her neighborhood. However, Norita smiles while tells me:

“the Project has always been a support for me, for my children’s education, health and orientation, by those moments I couldn’t be there. It is like our second home.”

I really admire Norita and her capability and strength to overcome to adversity. When I first met her, she had to take care of her granddaughter Silvia because Silvia’s mother works in other town, as time goes by, Silvia became as a new daughter for Nora. At the same time each one of her children had the chance to overcome hard situations with Nora’s support and love.

Sra Nora y Alex

Alex, now 15, enrolled at the age of 3, recognizes that ECD Program helped him with motor and social skills, his mother hadn’t enough time to take care of him, but wth the support of ChildFund he is now part of the Local Partner’s Youth Club and leads the new saving incentive’s project called Aflatoun.

Deyvis is 19 years old and finished school last year. It was a hard road, due to bad behavior and fake friends who tried to involve him into gangs, now this is part of the past, Deyvis is now a Youth Leader at his community and his project, chosen by his friends as the projects representative, he was part of the Youth National meeting in La Paz, Bolivia where he shared Tarija’s youth voices and activities. “Now I have a work”, tells us, “in order to save money for the University. I can still improve my life”.

Jenny is now 20 years old, but her eyes are still innocent, she was born with mental deficiencies, despite this, Norita had the strength to overcome and looked for a specialized education center, five years ago, she was success but the institution was so far away from home. ChildFund’s local partner was able to help Jenny with daily transportation. Nowadays, her progress and independence are evident.

Deyvis, Silvia and Alex have sponsors, three kids recognize this was a main change in their lives, with their sponsors support and advice they had the chance of live a change, to understand her mother and support her day by day. Every night, Norita has a family dinner, a moment for company while they talk about the day, Norita just can think “My children had a safe place to be while when they finish school or while I wasn’t able to be with them. I am very thankful with Moto Mendez project and ChildFund.”

Familia sra Nora


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