Angela and Noelia are 9 year old twins enrolled at “11 de Mayo,” one of our local partners in Tarija. Both girls are part of the “Pequeñas Estrellas” Little Stars kids club. Last July their club participated in Aflatoun, a social and financial educational program for children and youth. “We love visiting the project, our club teaches us a lot with Aflatoun and we learn with games. It is fun!” says Noelia.

Leader twins! Ángela and Noelia began a revolution!

Twin leaders! Ángela and Noelia began a revolution!

Some weeks ago they decided to change something at home, based on what they learned with Aflatoun and ChildFund. The girls receive a small amount of money from their parents to buy some fruits or juice during the school break, from this they decided to save 50 cents every day. Their goal, saving for their College studies! “We all should save for the future. We would live better and without problems” says Ángela.

Their family members have also changed their behaviors, now they all understand the importance of saving resources like electricity, water, gas and paper. The girls recycle used paper and exchange them for a few coins which go into their savings jar: “At home we all learned to save something” tells us a smiling Noelia.

Noelia, leading one the ChildFund Club's meeting

Noelia, leading one the ChildFund Club’s meeting

The girls also proposed the same system to their school friends. At first this idea wasn’t accepted with much enthusiasm. Then, Angela and Noelia decided to change their strategy. They wanted to create a Student’s Committee under the same elections system as their ChildFund’s kids club. “The first day our teacher did not pay attention to our suggestion, then, with the support of our classmates we finally convinced him.” Noelia and Ángela were selected as class president and vice-president and began their saving project.

“We showed them that this initiative would be positive for all of us! And now our teacher really listens to us. Then we planned an activity to save money with a goal.”  remembers Ángela. The class voted to have a special lunch at the end of the school year and started to save money for that. “The most important thing is that our classmates understood the importance of saving for the future. This time it will be for cooking a special meal for all of us.”


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