Angel Emilio is 13 and was born in Oruro. He studies at night at “Lola Cardona” school because during the day he helps his mother by selling candies, fruits and vegetables. Angel is now in 5th grade and lives with his mother Mery and 4 older and 1 younger siblings. Mery takes care of all of them because Angel’s father died 5 years ago, just a few months before Angel was enrolled within ChildFund’s local partner “Estrella del Sur.”

Angel and his family

Angel (green jacket) and his family.

Mery and the family had to overcome this tragedy. For the first time Mery became the economical support for home because Angel’s father was the one who did until he passed away. With some effort she began selling candies, fruits and vegetables at the door of a small school near home.

Angel was also devastated by his father’s death. He started losing interest in school, and started skipping classes without his mother’s knowledge. The entire family was moving in a dangerous direction and needed help and moral support. A friend of Mary told her about Estrella del Sur project, a Local Partner of ChildFund Bolivia, and that it was welcoming new children.

“The Project became a sort of cushion for us during that moment we were falling”, Mery tells us , “the school material and stores for my child became a great help and we will be always grateful to you.” The project also became a support for herself: “I had the chance to share with other mothers, it opened me a lot of doors to improve my income and support my family.”

Mery feels also grateful with Angel’s Swedish sponsor: “the help, advice and support of Sussane became a primary support for Angel, more than the help to cover our home expenses. She became a close friend to Angel.”

CAption from Oruro. Birthplace of Angel

Oruro’s landscape. Birthplace of Angel

During this last month Angel became part of the Kid’s Club at Estrella del Sur where he learned about leadership. He realized now how his future depended on his actual actions. With the advice and friendship of Sussane he is now more confident and tells us with a smile in his face: “thanks to my sponsor’s and ChildFund’ support I feel I can try harder.” His sponsor is always telling him that sports can make him a stronger and healthier person. His school grades have also improved. Angel is able to say now “…I can try harder and become a great athlete or a professional businessman.”


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