Avance Comunitario, a Childfund local partner in La Paz, expanded its coverage area to Uni, a rural village located in Palca municipality, 40 minutes away from La Paz.

The first step to work in this new area was to identify the community’s needs: health and nutritional services, educational support, and early child development.

Portrait from Uni, where Avance Comunitario works

Portrait from Uni, where Avance Comunitario works

Early in the morning, every Monday the team takes public transport to Uni, 5 kilometers away. They arrive at San Gerónimo School with materials and tools to do workshops and other activities with children in school rooms made available by the community. Children attend medical controls and have their height and weight measured. Sponsored children write their letters.

After school, children from 1st and 2nd primary grades stay at the school and participate in hands on activities to strengthen their skills in reading and writing. The games and activities improve their self-esteem, values and their cognitive processes such as attention, concentration and memory. These activities help them perform better in school.


“This is what we need, to help our children with things they don’t understand” tells Mrs. Francisca, “because many of us can’t even read and can’t help our children.” She is the mother of one of the 37 children the project benefits since June 2013. Teachers are also pleased with this initiative; they think it supports their work “because sometimes the room has more than 30 children and they can’t respond to every child individually” tells us director Federico Huanca.


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