CESDI, Social Center for Child Development, is one of our Local Partners who work in the peri-urban areas of La Paz. The main neighborhood where CESDI works is Chuquiaguillo, 6 Km. away from downtown. Streets and houses are built on the edge of cliffs and mountains at 4,100 meters above sea level.

Chuquiaguillo is considered a high risk area due to the number of brothels and bars on the streets; many are located near schools. Houses around the area lack basic services like potable water, electricity and sewage system. Public services like schools and hospitals are also few and distant. Children face much risk from violence and are being left alone most of the day because their parents work.


Because the children live under vulnerable conditions, CESDI invited special guests to speak to the children: The Zebras from La Paz are a Citizenship team created by local government to teach children simple but powerful messages about the environment and recycling, citizen security, road safety education, child rights and responsabilities. “The Zebras” visited CESDI twice a week during May performing activities, games and leading discussions.

Children were happy to learn by playing, sharing smiles and dancing. Israel, one of the CESDI children tells us: “at the school they don’t teach us like this, I love learning this way. When I get home I will tell my mom everything I learned today!”



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