Second photography contest – 2014

Our daily goal has always been to help children to empower their lives, so they can become leaders of enduring changes, and it is very touching to see those changes precisely in every day activities or small changes in children’s’ lives.  More over when children are those who identify the change and share them with art.

ChildFund Bolivia works with Youth and children clubs where they learn Leadership, social participation and activism, they learn to identify their community’s problems and suggest a solution, no matter it is a small problem such as lack of garbage cans or public illumination, ant that dream starts with a picture.

To encourage children and youth to traint their critical eye we launched our second photography contest, this year the main theme eas “The way my reality changed with ChildFund” and we are proud to present the Winers and Finalist:

8 to 14 years category:


Name: Santiago Soleto

Local Lartner: Villa Alegre



Jhonathan Gonzales (Un Nuevo Caminar):


15 to 18 years category: 


Name: Rossy del Valle Cuellar

Local Partner: Lucerito



Florinda Fernandez Cabezas (Churupata): 


Technicians category:


Name: Enzo Copa

Local Partner: Sella en Marcha



Yovana Soliz (Villa Alegre): 


Groverth Condori (Mosoj Kausay)


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