I am Joan Galy, when I was 9, I had Math classes in CESDI, a Local Partner from ChildFund Bolivia, and my teacher also taught me Origami. From the beginning I loved that art. I spend many hours practicing and practicing, this is a way to earn patience, to canalize my energy, to build paper figures from zero, and it’s simply amazing! I must recognize sometimes I have problems, especially when paper is too small or thin, the paper wins…”

Galy is a particular case in CESDI, tells us Consuelo, the sponsorship technician, despite cold or rainy weather he is every Thursday at 9 o’clock, he is always there, ready for his origami classes.  It is interesting how he observes his students, discovers their particular skill and then, gives them a figure to build.


He wants to be Geologist, and there is just a year and a half for he to start the University, he is passionate by Math and he would like to jump from an helicopter, you can notice he is adventurer and a natural leader, he belongs now to our Youth Club “PUMAS” and his Origami class is a personal project he does with passion.

“I am 17 now and I love what I am doing with CESDI children, I love teaching what I learned as a child. Sometimes I have some difficulties teaching toddlers, but I have a partner, Jhanet, who helps me with that group, however, I feel this experience will help me with my personal growth, I want to go to the University, I want to do big things! ” 


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