A New Start for Yobana

Every day Yobana wakes up ready to go to school. She gets dressed by herself and has breakfast with her 4 older brothers. You may think this is quite normal for every girl but not for Yobana. Unfortunately she has problems with her spine and left shoulder. Her sponsor Joan Elizabeth and ChildFund Bolivia accompanied and supported Yobana during all the medical procedures until she completely recuperated.


In 2011, doctors found problems in her left kidney, she was treated immediately and under observation for the following year. Yobana had experienced problems using her left arm when carrying out normal activities. Then her doctor discovered she had malformation of her spine and left shoulder and told her family surgery was needed as soon as possible. Joan Elizabeth offered to finance the procedure and the recuperation costs.

To get the best surgery possible, ChildFund and Yobana´s family with the help of Dr. Ovidio Aliaga, an orthopedic surgeon, research all the options. She underwent surgery in October 2013 and thank to this she only needed physiotherapy to make Yobana’s left arm perfect.  After her last medical checkup Dr. Aliaga tells us very happily that “She (Yobana) is doing perfectly! She can now dress by herself completely”.

ChildFund Bolivia National Office and her sponsor did everything possible to cover the costs of the surgery and medication to make Yobana’s recuperation possible.

Yobana is now happy at home where she helps her mom, she also feels confident and her self-esteem has increased at school, she is happy, participating in the campaign against violence and drawing a postcard for her Sponsor Elizabeth!



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